The Customer Is Always Right

My very first job, the same as a lot of people, was in retail.  There is no better environment for  the art of customer service.  When I was 16 I started working part time as a casual sales assistant for Myer in their very quaintly named “Men’s Mercery”.  (In other words, “socks and jocks” as […]

5 Soft Skills for Virtual Assistants

Awesome Communication Skills Most people that have worked in admin roles, or as an Executive Assistant, have great communication skills, however as a VA, where there is less face-to-face time with a client, your written and verbal communication skills need to be well above average and into the exceptional range.  Most clients are terrible at […]

The Lifesavers and Timesavers

Virtual Assistants have a reputation for being very tech savvy.  It seems to come with the territory and the nature of how we work.  However, trust me, not all of us are up with the latest gadgets and apps on the market.  At the end of the day, we can only be as tech smart […]

To GST Or To Not GST?

When you start a new business there are so many new things to learn, the experience can be a little daunting.  For instance, “Do I have to register for GST?”  It’s a simple enough question and one that puckers the brow of many a new business owner.  If you are setting yourself up as a […]

The Unpaid Mentor

All of us, throughout our lives, have had people that have were a profound influence on us.  Teachers, parents, coaches, friends, colleagues, roll models, these are all the unpaid mentors of our life.  Some we paid more attention to than others and some ….well, we should never have listened to at all. In the business […]

The Roses

I’ve had a frantic couple of weeks. My workload has been pretty hefty. There were quite a few late nights.  I have courses launching in Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane and  I’ve been juggling all of this with family issues, client deadlines and my own health issues as well. Feeling exhausted and a little flat I stopped for that all important […]

The Team

I admit it.  There are some jobs in my business I’m just not good at. There are also other jobs I just plain don’t like doing. A Virtual Assistant usually works in a solo role but there is absolutely no reason why a Virtual Assistant can’t use a team of people to get the work done.  Let […]

The Part Time Virtual Assistant

Many EA’s PA’s and experienced admin staff have considered a career as a Virtual Assistant but are put off by the risk of not having a regular income, or worse, no income at all if their business fails. What many don’t realise is starting your VA Business doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” […]

The First Time

I still remember my first ever client….. and I’m proud to say they still are my client. I remember launching my business and sitting in my office waiting for the phone to ring.  I’d marketed my backside off and handed out my card to anyone who would stand still long enough and then…..finally. I was so […]

The Bargain Basement VA

All Virtual Assistants are not the same. Much like clothing brands or shoes there are the bargain basement Kmart end of the spectrum right up to the luxury designer labels or Jimmy Choos.  So it is with Virtual Assistants. I often get asked if I worry about losing my clients to a cheaper outsourced version of […]